The boundaries of the said Town shall be as follows: Beginning at the Mouth of Deep Gut Run, on the South side thereof, and at the low water mark of the Ohio River: Thence up said Run North 63-1/4 degrees E. 26 rods to large Elm tree standing on the South bank of said Run: Thence N. 10 degrees E. 23 rods to a stone on the North side of said Run; thence South 85 degrees E. crossing said Run to a rock 11 rods; thence S. 19 degrees West 78 rods to a dogwood corner to Smith Porter & Co.; thence by line of Jeremiah Smith S. 23 degrees E. 65 rods; thence North 13 degrees 1.4 rods to a stone; thence by lands of Smith and Gregory South 30 ½  degrees E. 67.5 rods to a stone in John Chapman's line; thence South 70 degrees W. 17.5 rods to the east side of a twelve foot alley; thence with said alley S. 21 degrees E. 42.7 rods to the lands of Fickes; thence with said Fickes line N. 69 degrees E. 2.4 rods; thence S. 36 degrees E. 15 rods thence S. 69 degrees W. 6.5 rods to the east side of said alley; thence with same S. 21 degrees E. 22 rods to the line of Smith Porter & Co.; thence N. 69 degrees E. 21.7 rods; thence S. 24 degrees E 28.5 rods; thence S. 66 ½  degrees W. 3 rods to corner of G. W. Newman; thence S. 39 ½  degrees E. 9.2 rods; thence S. 62 ½  degrees E. 17 rods to a pile of rocks; thence S. 29 degrees E. 54.4 rods to three White Oak stumps, original to Campbell, Cuppy and Chapman; thence S. 54 ½  degrees E. 36 rods to a stone corner to the New Cumberland Cemetery, and with the same N. 16 degrees W. 10.5 rods to center of road; thence N. 50 degrees E. 4 rods; thence N. 42 degrees E. 12 rods; thence N. 56 degrees E. 25 rods; thence N. 50 degrees E. 7 rods; thence S. 7 ½  degrees E. 58 rods; thence S. 66 ½  degrees W. 23.1 rods to a line of Mrs. Headley; thence S. 55 degrees E. 33.3 rods to a Red Oak stump; thence N. 67 degrees E. 34.5 rods; thence. 81-3/4  degrees E. 31.2 rods to cross on a rock on the North side of Harden's Run; thence with line of E. Stewart, S. 25 degrees E. 8.5 rods; thence S. 42 degrees W. 50.8 rods; thence S. 65 degrees W. about 22 rods to line of Rev. S. F. Greer; thence S. 33 degrees E. 35 rods; thence with line of J. H. Atkinson, James M. Porter and John Porter S. 43 ½ degrees E. 79 rods to a stone; thence S. 89 degrees E. 20.5 rods; thence S. 2 degrees E. 40 rods; thence S. 9 degrees E. 49 rods to a hickory corner to Roseberry's; thence with Roseberry lands S. 48 degrees W. 61 rods; thence S. 55 degrees W. 41 rods thence S. 14 degrees E. 60 rods to corner of Mrs. Ballantyne; thence with her line North 50 degrees W. 15 rods; thence N. 88 degrees W. about 25 rods to low water mark at the Ohio River; thence West about 70 rods to the West line of West Virginia; thence up the Ohio River with said line of West Virginia, about  800 rods; thence East across said River about 70 rods to the beginning; but excepting from said boundary the County Bridges over Deep Gut Run and over Harden's Run, with their abutments which otherwise would be included therein.