The Council shall cause to be kept by the Clerk, in a well bound book, to be called the “Minute Book”, an accurate record of all of its proceedings, ordinances, acts, orders and resolutions, and in another to be classed “Ordinance Book”, accurate copies of all of the general ordinances adopted by the Council; both of which shall be fully indexed and open to the inspection of anyone required to pay taxes to the Town, or who may be otherwise interested. All oaths and bonds of officers in the Town, and all papers of the Council, shall be endorsed, filed and securely kept by the Clerk. All printed copies of such ordinances purporting to be published under authority of the Council, and transcript of such ordinances, acts, orders and resolutions, certified by the Clerk, under the seal of the Town, shall be deemed prima facie correct when sought to be  used in evidence in any court, or before any Justice.