1048.01   Making water connections and laying pipes.
1048.02   Turning public valve or stopcock.
1048.03   Using Municipal water; permit required.
1048.04   Making attachments to water pipes; permit required; fees.
1048.05   Injuring fixtures connected with waterworks.
1048.06   Turning on water after service discontinued.
1048.07   Water furnished to Board of Education.
1048.08   Connections outside City limits.
1048.09   Special permit to tap water mains.
1048.10   Special permit to extend water mains or service.
1048.11   Compliance with rules and regulations.
1048.12   Fire hydrants.
1048.13   Water emergencies.
1048.14   Unpaid charges as lien on real property.
1048.15   Cross-connection control and water quality protection program.
1048.99   Penalty.
   Compulsory water connections - see Ohio R.C. 729.06
   Management and control of waterworks - see Ohio R.C. 743.02, 743.03
   Collection and disposition of water rents - see Ohio R.C. 743.04 et seq.
   Division of Water and Sanitary Sewage - see ADM. Ch. 242
   Water Treatment Plant lime sludge disposal - see ADM. 242.07
   Plumbing inspection program - see ADM. 2,50.01
   Theft by deception - see GEN. OFF. 642.02(x)(3)
   Prosecution for theft of utilities - see GEN. OFF. 642.25
   Water pollution - see GEN. OFF. 660.04
   Subdivision of land - see P. & Z. Appendix II Para. (d)
   Water systems in flood hazard areas - see B. & H. 1432.04(e)
   Board of Health - see H. & S. Ch. 1810