Board of Health
EDITOR'S NOTE: Resolution 98 8, passed January 20, 1998, authorized an agreement between the City and the Newark City Health District, through the City Board of Health, detailing the relationship between the City and the Health District and setting forth the services which the City will provide to the District. Copies of this resolution and of the Agreement may~ be obtained, at cost, from the Clerk of Council.
   Council enters into agreements from time to time with other municipalities for the provision of property maintenance inspection and enforcement services. Copies of the latest relevant legislation may be obtained, at cost, from the Clerk of Council.
1810.01   Establishment; membership.
1810.02   Compensation; quorum; President.
1810.03   Terms of office.
1810.04   President Pro Tem; meetings.
1810.05   Appointment of Health Commissioner and other personnel.
1810.06   Records to be kept by Secretary.
1810.07   Duties and salaries of employees.
1810.08   Orders and regulations.
1810.09   Preservation of vital statistics.
1810.10   Insurance proceeds from fire-damaged structures.
1810.99   Penalty.
   Board of Health - see Ohio R. C. 3707.01 et seq.
   Department of Health - see ADM. Ch. 250
   Slaughterhouses and rendering establishments - see GEN. OFF. 660.15
   Contagious diseases - see H. & S. Ch. 1820
   Nuisances - see H. & S. Ch. 1840