(a)   Maintenance and Service Charge. A maintenance d service charge of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per year is hereby levied on each fire hydrant lying within three miles of the corporate limits of the City, provided, however, that those fire hydrants lying adjacent to Deo Drive and which serve both Newark Township and the City shall be charged only twelve dollars and fifty cents ($12.50) per year.
(Ord. 69-39. Passed 6-2-69.)
   (b)   Inspections; Right of Entry, Maintenance.
      (1)   All fire hydrants installed in the City or on its water system must be inspected by a City inspector prior to being backfilled to ensure that such hydrants are properly installed and that gravel beds are sufficient for drainage.
      (2)   The City Fire Division and EMS employees will reserve the right to enter private property for the inspection, service and maintenance of fire hydrants.
      (3)   No charge will be levied on the owner of a private fire hydrant for annual inspections, flow readings and regular maintenance (i.e. never seize, paint, etc.).
      (4)   Owners of private hydrants which are in need of repair, major service and/or replacement will be charged for the cost of the repairs.
(Ord. 89-60. Passed 8-7-89.)