Oil and Gas Wells
717.01   Application of regulations.
717.02   Intent; authority of Council.
717.03   Permit required.
717.04   Permit application and fee.
717.05   Disposition of fees collected.
717.06   Deposit required.
717.07   Consents from owners within 200 feet.
717.08   Waivers from owners or occupants within 200 or 100 feet.
717.09   Map required.
717.10   Affidavit of compliance or exceptions.
717.11   Easements or options for pipelines and storage tanks.
717.12   Existing applications and permits.
717.13   State permits required; exceptions.
717.14   Refunds for permits issued under prior ordinance.
717.15   Permit issuance; liability insurance.
717.16   Permit transfer.
717.17   Inspections; permit revocation.
717.18   Information to be furnished to police.
717.19   Minimum distance between wells.
717.20   Rotary equipment.
717.21   Cable tools.
717.22   Training of crews; condition of equipment.
717.23   Sealing to protect fresh water wells.
717.24   Fence requirements; electric powered well pumps required.
717.25   Prohibited drainage in storm and sanitary sewers.
717.26   Hours for drilling.
717.27   Oil storage tanks and pipelines.
717.28   Oil storage tanks to be diked.
717.29   Mud on site or streets.
717.30   Restoration of public property; cleaning site; payment of increased insurance.
717.31   Abandoning wells.
717.32   Exceptions by Council.
717.99   Penalty.
   Oil and gas wells - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 1509
    Compensation of Oil Inspector - see ADM. 145.12