General Provisions
   52.001   Definitions
   52.002   Non-sewered water meter policy
   52.003   Rate schedule
   52.004   Surcharge rate schedule
Use of Public Sewers Required
   52.015   Declaration of necessity
   52.016   Application for sewer service required
   52.017   Permit for connection; tapping charges
Connections to Public Sanitary Sewers
   52.025   Tapping or opening sanitary sewer without a permit
   52.026   Sewer taps by authorized personnel only
   52.027   Sewer tap construction
   52.028   Approval of connections
   52.029   Unauthorized connections prohibited
Discharge into Public Sewers
   52.040   Industrial use of sewers
   52.041   Data on discharge
   52.042   Unpolluted discharge
   52.043   Flammable, explosive, or hazardous substances and foreign matter
   52.044   Toxic substances
   52.045   Metals
   52.046   Conditional service
   52.055   Utility's liability
   52.056   Consumer's liability
Control of Wastes
   52.060   User's responsibility to keep sanitary sewer clean
   52.061   User's responsibility to repair or reimburse for illicit or illegal connections
   52.062   Grease, oil and sand interceptors
   52.063   Pretreatment
   52.064   Metering and sampling devices
   52.065   Measurements, tests and analyses
   52.066   Accidental spills notification
   52.067   Control of production
Powers and Authority of Inspectors
   52.075   Right of entry for purpose of discharge inspection
   52.076   Collection of information
   52.077   Required safety procedures
   52.078   Right of entry to and from all negotiated easements
Amendments and Precedence
   52.085   Amendments to the sanitary sewer use and rate regulations
   52.086   Precedence of past and present ordinances
   52.087   Other revisions and conditions
   52.998   Legal action
   52.999   Penalty
   Termination procedures, see §§ 50.35 through 50.39