Editor’s note:
   The Mason Charter was approved by the voters at the regular Municipal election on November 4, 1969.
    Dates appearing in parentheses following section headings indicate that those provisions were subsequently amended, added or repealed on the date given.
Article I: Name, Boundaries, and Form of Government
Section 1.01   Name and Boundaries
Section 1.02   Form of Government
Article II: Corporate Powers
Section 2.01   Powers Granted
Section 2.02   Manner of Exercise of Powers
Section 2.03   Construction
Article III: Council
Section 3.01   Number and Term
Section 3.02   Qualifications (11-4-1975; Amended 11-3-2020)
Section 3.02A   Term Limits (11-2-1993; Amended 8-7-2009 (approved 11-3-2009); Amended 11-8-2011)
Section 3.03   Organization of Council
Section 3.04   Mayor - Election, Term, Qualifications and Powers
Section 3.05   Vice Mayor
Section 3.06   Clerk of Council
Section 3.07   Powers of Council (Amended 11-2-2021)
Section 3.08   Council Meetings (3-19-1996)
Section 3.09   Special Council Meetings
Section 3.10   Salary of Elected Officials - Change During Term
Section 3.11   Vacancies in Council (11-6-1984)
Article IV: Legislative Procedure
Section 4.01   Action to be Taken by Ordinance or Resolution
Section 4.02   Introduction of Ordinances and Resolutions
Section 4.03   Style of Ordinances and Resolutions
Section 4.04   Subject of Ordinances and Resolutions
Section 4.05   Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions
Section 4.06   Vote Required for Passage of Ordinances and Resolutions
Section 4.07   Content of Emergency Ordinances and Resolutions
Section 4.08   Effective Date of Ordinances and Resolutions
Section 4.09   Authentication of Ordinances and Resolutions
Section 4.10   Recording of Ordinances and Resolutions
Section 4.11   Amendment of Ordinances and Resolutions
Section 4.12   Referral of Zoning Ordinances to Planning Commission (11-3-1987)
Section 4.13   Public Hearing on Zoning Ordinance or Resolution (11-3-1987; Amended 2- 8-2021 (approved 11-3-2020))
Section 4.14   Adoption of Technical Codes by Reference
Section 4.15   Codification of Ordinances and Resolutions (Amended 2-8-2021 (approved 11-3- 2020))
Section 4.16   Publication of Ordinances and Resolutions
Article V: Manager
Section 5.01   Appointment and Removal
Section 5.02   Qualifications
Section 5.03   Acting Manager
Section 5.04   Powers and Duties of the Manager (11-3-1987)
Article VI: Administrative Departments
Section 6.01   Creation of Departments
Section 6.02   Department of Law - Law Director (5-8-1973)
Section 6.03   Powers and Duties of the Law Director
Section 6.04   Department of Finance - Finance Director (11-5-1996)
Section 6.05   Powers and Duties of the Finance Director (11-5-1996)
Section 6.06   Department of Planning
Section 6.07   Department of Service
Section 6.08   Department of Safety (11-3-1987)
Section 6.09   Department of Inspection and Engineering
Section 6.10   Department of Parks and Recreation
Section 6.11   Department of Personnel (11-7-1978)
Section 6.12   Removal or Demotion of Department and Division Heads (Repealed 11-7-1978)
Section 6.13   Heads of Other Departments and Divisions
Article VII: Boards and Commissions
Section 7.01   Planning Commission - Membership
Section 7.02   Planning Commission - Powers and Duties
Section 7.03   Zoning, Housing and Building Appeals Board - Membership
Section 7.04   Zoning, Housing and Building Appeals Board - Powers and Duties
Section 7.05   Park and Recreation Board - Membership
Section 7.06   Park and Recreation Board - Powers and Duties
Section 7.07   Personnel Review Board
Section 7.08   Civil Service - Classified and Unclassified (11-5-1996)
Section 7.08A   Removal of Unclassified Personnel (11-5-1996)
Section 7.09   Personnel Review Board - Powers and Duties
Section 7.10   Other Boards and Commissions
Section 7.11   Boards and Commissions - Organization (11-3-1987)
Section 7.12   Vacancy in Board or Commission
Section 7.13   Boards and Commissions - Eligibility Requirement (11-4-1975)
Article VIII: Nominations and Elections
Section 8.01   Nominations (11-6-1984; 11-6-2012)
Section 8.02   Regular Municipal Elections
Section 8.03   Special Elections
Section 8.04   Conduct of Elections
Article IX: Initiative and Referendum
Section 9.01   Initiative
Section 9.02   Referendum
Section 9.03   Referral of Ordinance or Resolution to the Electors by Council (Amended 2-8-2021 (approved 11-3-2020))
Article X: Finances, Taxation, and Debt
Section 10.01   General
Section 10.02   Limitation on Tax Rate
Section 10.03   Limitation of Debt
Section 10.04   Limitations on Income Tax (5-6-1986; Amended 8-13-2007)
Section 10.05   Funding of safety, fire and EMS services (11-6-2012)
Article XI: General Provisions
Section 11.01   Succession
Section 11.02   Effect of Charter on Existing Laws and Rights
Section 11.03   Amendments to Charter
Section 11.04   Removal of Elected Officials and Members of Boards and Commissions (5-8-1973)
Section 11.05   Effect of Partial Invalidity
Section 11.06   Conflict of Interest
Section 11.07   Percentage of Dwellings Permitted as Apartments (5-8-1973)
Section 11.08   Density of Dwelling Units (11-6-1984; Amended 11-6-2018)
Article XII: Transitional Provisions
Section 12.01   Effective Date of Charter
Section 12.02   Continuance of Present Officials - Abolishment of Offices
Section 12.03   Continuance of Present Employees
Section 12.04   Continuation of Village Clerk