TITLE ONE - Subdivision Regulations
         Chap. 1101. Adoption, Jurisdiction and Definitions
         Chap. 1103. Subdivision Process
         Chap. 1105. Preliminary Plat Requirements
         Chap. 1107. Construction Plans
         Chap. 1109. Design Standards
         Chap. 1110. Landscape Plan and Street Tree Requirements, Signage, Street Lighting
         Chap. 1111. Bond Procedures and Subdivision Fund
         Chap. 1113. Final or Record Plat Procedures and Requirements
         Chap. 1114. Minor Subdivisions, Modifications and Exceptions
         Chap. 1115. Access Management Regulations
         Chap. 1116. Traffic Impact Study Regulations
         Chap. 1117. Driveway Approaches and Curb Cuts
         Chap. 1118. Validity and Penalty
         Chap. 1119. Water Management and Sediment Control
      TITLE TWO - Administration
         Chap. 1121. Fee Schedule
      TITLE THREE - Zoning Administration
         Chap. 1131. Purpose and Interpretation
         Chap. 1133. Definitions
         Chap. 1135. Administrative Procedures
         Chap. 1137. District Changes and Ordinance Amendments
         Chap. 1141. Variances and Appeals
      TITLE FIVE - Zoning Districts
         Chap. 1145. Districts and Boundaries
         Chap. 1147. R-1, R-2, R-3 and R-4 Single-Family Residential Districts
         Chap. 1148. R-6 Condominium and Landominium Residential District
         Chap. 1149. R-7 Multi-Family Residential District
         Chap. 1153. O-1 Office Park District
         Chap. 1155. B-1 Central Business District
         Chap. 1157. B-2 Shopping Center District
         Chap. 1159. B-3 Road Service District
         Chap. 1160. B-4 Commercial Recreation District
         Chap. 1161. Planned Unit Development District
         Chap. 1162. HT-1 High Tech Light Industrial District
         Chap. 1163. I-1 Light Industrial District
         Chap. 1165. I-2 Industrial District
         Chap. 1169. Floodplain Overlay District and Floodplain Management Regulations
         Chap. 1170. Downtown Overlay District
      TITLE SEVEN - Zoning General Provisions
         Chap. 1171. Compliance and General Regulations
         Chap. 1172. Conditionally Permitted Uses
         Chap. 1173. Nonconforming Uses
         Chap. 1174. Large Retail Establishment Design Standards
         Chap. 1175. Off-Street Parking and Loading
         Chap. 1177. Motels and Motor Hotels
         Chap. 1181. Height Modifications
         Chap. 1183. Frontage and Yard Modifications
         Chap. 1185. Fences and Yard Projections
         Chap. 1187. Sign Regulations
         Chap. 1188. Cellular or Wireless Communications Systems
         Chap. 1189. Sexually Oriented Business Supplemental Standards
      TITLE NINE - Comprehensive Plan
         Chap. 1200. Comprehensive Plan
         Appendix A: Summary of Uses for Residential Districts
         Appendix B: Summary of Uses for Nonresidential Districts
         Appendix C: Development Standards for Nonresidential Districts