(A)   Leaves of absence without pay may be granted to employees with seniority for the reasons and under the conditions listed below:
      (1)   Personal illness or injury.  Leaves will be granted regular employees for a period not to exceed 90 days upon the employee furnishing the city with proper and acceptable medical evidence. Personal illness or injury leaves may be extended by the city in increments of 30-day periods.  In the event extensions are granted, additional acceptable medical proof of continued disability shall be required.
      (2)    Military leaves.  The city shall observe all acts of Congress relating to military obligations and to the rights of servicemen.
      (3)    Maternity leave.  Pregnancy leaves will be granted at such a time the employee presents certification she is unable to continue to perform her regular job duties because of her pregnancy. Employees on maternity leave of absence who return to work by the expiration of such leave shall be reinstated with accrued seniority.      
      (4)    Personal leave.  The city may, at its discretion, grant an employee a personal leave for a period not to exceed 30 calendar days.  Requests for such leave must be made in advance, in writing, to the department head.  The city discourages personal leaves and such leaves may be granted only for compelling reasons or unusual circumstances.
   (B)   Any leave of absence for illness or injury, unless work-related, shall have a maximum duration of two years from last day worked.
(Ord. 1982-6, passed  - -  )