§ 34.43  VACATIONS.
   (A)   Regular employees are eligible for vacation time with pay at their straight-time rate as follows:
Length of service as of January 1
Vacation Eligibility
Less than l year as of Jan. 1
8 hrs. for each 2 full months of service - max. of 40 hrs.
l year
40 hours
2 years
80 hours
10 years
120 hours
15 years
160 hours
   (B)   Vacations shall be scheduled and taken on consecutive work days as approved by the department head in accordance with the need of the department.  Every effort will be made to respect the vacation requests of the employee consistent with those needs.  All vacation requests should be submitted to the department head by March 1.  If there is a conflict in vacation time within a department, preference of vacation time will be given the most senior employee.  Vacation requests received after March 1, will be considered in order received.
   (C)   Employees are to take their earned vacation.  Vacations carried over to the succeeding year are not permitted unless the employee has the written consent of the Mayor's office.  In case of a rare or unusual circumstance, where the city may require an employee to reschedule his earned vacation to the succeeding calendar year, the employee is required to take such earned vacation.  Pay in lieu of vacation is not permitted by state law.
   (D)   If a holiday falls during an employee's scheduled vacation and the employee is eligible for holiday pay, the employee's vacation time will normally be extended an additional day and the employee paid for the holiday.
   (E)   Vacation eligibility and vacation pay shall be reduced 10% for each 25 working days or portion thereof that an employee is away from work, except when such absence is compensable as time worked.
(Ord. 1982-6, passed  - -  )