§ 34.41  OVERTIME.
   (A)   If an employee who is paid by the hour works more than 40 hours during any seven-day period, provided the additional hourly work was at the direction of his department head, the employee shall be paid at the rate of one and one-half times his hourly rate of pay for such hours.
   (B)   If the employee so desires, he may request in writing time off work at a rate of one and one- half hours for each hour overtime in lieu of overtime wages.  Said request shall be presented to his department head.  It shall be the duty of the department head to approve or disapprove the request.  Disapproval would result in the employee being paid the overtime wage rate.
   (C)   All time off work taken in this fashion must be taken within the same pay period of succeeding pay period and may not be accumulated to more than 24 work hours.  During an emergency any hours exceeding 24 will be paid at overtime rate.
(Ord. 1982-6, passed  - -  )