(A)   In addition to the holidays enumerated in § 34.42 each regular full-time employee, if eligible, may receive a maximum of two paid absence days during the calendar year (January through December).
To qualify for two paid absence days an employee must be on active payroll as of January 1.  Regular full- time employees hired after January 1, but before July 1, will be eligible for one paid absence day after completing six months' service.
   (B)   Paid absence days will be at the employee's straight-time rate.  The employee may take paid absence days in two 8-hour days but shall not take less than four hours in any given work day.
   (C)   The employee is expected to give his supervisor one week notice of the date on which the paid absence day will be observed and in no case shall such absence days be taken consecutive with a recognized holiday or vacation time.
   (D)   Paid absence days must be taken or scheduled by November l each year, otherwise they shall be forfeited.
   (E)   The dates of observance of an employee's absence days are subject to approval of the immediate supervisor.
(Ord. 1982-6, passed  - -  )