Article I. Branches Generally
2.02.010: Designated
2.02.020: Branches Of City Government; Designated
2.02.030: Administrative Branch; Departments
Article II. Executive Branch; Divisions
2.02.040: Department Of Finance
2.02.045: Department Of Treasurer
2.02.050: Department Of Public Works
2.02.060: Department Of Administration
2.02.070: Department Of Parks And Recreation
2.02.080: Parks And Recreation Advisory Board
Article III. Executive Branch; Functions, Powers And Duties
2.02.090: Generally
2.02.100: Department Of Police; Police Chief
2.02.110: Department Of Fire; Fire Chief
2.02.120: Department Of Parks And Recreation; Director
2.02.130: Department Of Environmental Health And Solid Waste Management; Director
2.02.140: Department Of Finance; Director
2.02.150: Department Of Administration; Director
2.02.160: Department Of Public Works; Director
2.02.170: Department Of Library; Board Of Directors
2.02.180: Department Of Power; Director
2.02.190: Department Of Finance; Generally
2.02.200: Department Of Finance; Purchasing And Stores Division; Manager
2.02.220: Department Of Finance; Accounting Division; Manager
2.02.225: Department Of Treasurer; Director
2.02.227: Department Of Treasurer; Utility Billing And Collections Division
2.02.230: Department Of Public Works; Generally
2.02.240: Department Of Public Works; Property And Building Management; Manager
2.02.250: Department Of Public Works; Garage And Motor Pool Division; Manager
2.02.260: Department Of Public Works; Water And Sewer Division; Manager
2.02.280: Department Of Public Works; Streets Division; Manager
2.02.290: Department Of Public Works; Engineering Division; Manager
2.02.295: Department Of Public Works; Building Inspection Division; Manager
2.02.300: Department Of Administration; Generally
2.02.310: Department Of Administration; Personnel Division; Manager
2.02.320: Department Of Administration; Community Development Division; Manager
2.02.330: Department Of Administration; City Recorder
2.02.340: Department Of Administration; Data Processing Division
2.02.345: Department Of Administration; Safety Division
2.02.350: Staff Officers; Generally
2.02.360: City Attorney
2.02.370: City Budget Officer
Article IV. Legislative Branch
2.02.380: Supplying Information To The Municipal Council And Individual Council Members
2.02.390: Council; Regular Meetings
2.02.400: Council; Special Meetings
2.02.410: Mayor; Powers And Duties
2.02.420: Budget Adoption