156.001   Title and jurisdiction
   156.002   Purpose and intent
   156.003   Definitions
   156.004   Rules
General Provisions
   156.020   Introduction
   156.021   Regulations for use and configuration of lots
   156.022   Regulations for all accessory structures and uses
   156.023   Accessory structures and uses permitted as encroachments
   156.024   Regulations for specific accessory structures and uses
   156.025   Temporary structures and uses
   156.026   Cargo containers
Nonconforming Lots, Structures and Uses
   156.060   Purpose and intent
   156.061   Nonconforming lots
   156.062   Nonconforming structures
   156.063   Nonconforming uses
Use Districts
   156.070   Establishment of zones
   156.071   Conditions of use
   156.072   Performance standards
   156.073   Bulk regulations
   156.074   Permitted uses
   156.075   Location of sexually-oriented businesses
   156.076   Star Innovation District Overlay
Off-Street Parking and Loading
   156.090   Purpose
   156.091   General provisions; parking and loading
   156.092   Design and development of parking facilities
   156.093   Operation and maintenance of parking facilities
   156.094   Location of accessory off- street parking facilities
   156.095   Shared parking
   156.096   Bicycle parking
   156.097   Land-banked future parking
   156.098   Accessible parking
   156.099   Cross-access between adjacent lots
   156.100   Drive-through stacking
   156.101   Parking spaces in C-4 Downtown Commercial District
   156.102   Schedule of parking requirements
   156.103   Off-street loading
Administration and Enforcement
   156.120   Organization of ordinance administration
   156.121   Appeals
   156.122   Variations
   156.123   Amendments; text and map
   156.124   Special uses
   156.125   Zoning certification
   156.126   Fees
Planned Developments
   156.140   Planned developments; introduction
   156.141   Planned developments; purpose and intent
   156.142   Application procedures for planned developments
   156.143   Modification of district regulations for planned developments
   156.144   General guidelines for planned developments
   156.145   Additional standards for planned developments
   156.146   Zoning administration; permits for planned developments
   156.147   Failure to begin development; enforcement of development schedules for planned developments
   156.148   Amending the planned development final plan
   156.149   Post-completion regulations
   Appendix A:   Exterior building materials
    Appendix B:   Design guidelines