(A)   Required spaces.  Every drive-through establishment, constructed after the effective date of this chapter, shall provide a minimum of five stacking spaces per drive-through facility lane, unless otherwise stated within this chapter or determined by the City Council as part of a special use permit. Depending on the location and surrounding streets, the City Council may require additional stacking spaces.
   (B)   Design and layout.
      (1)   The stacking spaces shall be designed so as not to interfere with the ingress and egress to the off-street parking, traffic circulation on- or off-site, and traffic visibility.
      (2)   Drive-through facilities shall not be located in the front of the principal building, and the maneuvering space shall be provided in the side or rear yard.
      (3)   Drive-through establishments shall provide a bypass lane in a width and configuration approved by the City Engineer.
      (4)   Stacking spaces should be separated from pedestrian paths or marked with signs to indicate such path to drivers and the requirement to yield to pedestrians.
      (5)   Stacking spaces shall be separated from adjacent driving areas by a landscaped median (planted area) a minimum of six feet in width.
   (C)   Additional standards.
      (1)   Stacking spaces shall not be used for the sale, repair, dismantling or servicing of any vehicles, equipment, materials or supplies.
      (2)   Each off-street stacking space shall not be less than eight feet in width and 18 feet in length, exclusive of access drives.
(Ord. 21-016, passed 8-18-21)