(A)   The Zoning Administrator shall review as necessary all permits issued for the planned developments, and examine construction that has taken place, to compare actual development with the approved development schedule.
   (B)   If the Zoning Administrator finds any of the following, they shall notify City Council in writing.
      (1)   The planned development has failed to meet the approved construction schedule.
      (2)   When no development schedule was approved with the planned development, and no substantial construction has begun based on he submitted construction schedule, or no use established within one year from the date final plans were approved.
      (3)   Construction has not commenced or been completed in accordance with the terms of the development schedule and/or phasing plan.
      (4)   The rate of construction of dwelling units is greater than the rate at which planned open space and public and recreational facilities have been constructed and provided.
      (5)   The planned development has failed to follow the requirements of the planned development.
   (C)   Within 30 days of the notice from the Zoning Administrator, the City Council may revoke the special use permit, and the land shall revert to its former classification, unless the landowner shows good cause for why the development schedule may revised. The City Council may approve a revised development schedule extending existing approvals for a specified time frame. As part on this consideration by the City Council:
      (1)   Written notice shall be sent to the address of the applicant listed in the planned development application by first class mail, notifying the applicant of the meeting;
      (2)   At the meeting, the applicant shall be permitted to respond and present evidence on the applicant's own behalf.
(Ord. 21-016, passed 8-18-21)