(A)   This section regulates uses, structures and lots that do not conform to the regulations of this chapter, and specifies the terms and conditions under which such nonconforming uses and structures lawfully existing upon the adoption of this chapter may be permitted to continue. The inappropriate continuation of nonconforming uses and structures and the use of nonconforming lots can impact the orderly development of the city, property values, and the community's character.
   (B)   However, the historic portion of Lockport may have the greatest occurrence of nonconformities, as it is by definition the oldest part of the city. Yet, this area has a development pattern that reflects a desirable character for that historic area. Likewise, development near the historic area may have similar desirable development patterns and nonconforming situations. Accordingly, imposing reasonable conditions on the existence and continued operation of nonconforming uses and structures is necessary.
(Ord. 21-016, passed 8-18-21)