(A)   No accessory structure or use shall be built, moved or remodeled, established, altered or enlarged unless the accessory structure or use is permitted by this chapter. Accessory uses are permitted in any zoning district in connection with any principal use permitted within the district. Each accessory structure and use shall comply with the applicable use limitations in the zoning district in which it is located and, in addition:
         (a)   No accessory structure or use shall be constructed, occupied or established on any lot prior to the completion of the principal structure to which it is accessory.
         (b)   Minimum separation from a principal structure shall be as required in § 156.023(E) and other relevant sections of the city code.
         (c)   On a corner lot occupied by a principal residential structure that is legally nonconforming with respect to the corner side yard setbacks, accessory uses and structures may be located in the corner side yard, provided they maintain the same setback as established by the principal residential structure.
         (d)   Outdoor storage, except as specifically permitted elsewhere in this chapter, shall not be permitted as an accessory use.
   (B)   The requirements of § 156.023(E) shall not apply to extraction uses, as defined by the Chapter, except that the city Council may establish conditions for such uses.
(Ord. 21-016, passed 8-18-21)