§ 156.126  FEES.
   (A)   Application fee notes for Plan and Zoning Commission variation from the requirements of this chapter.  If an applicant is applying for the variation within 90 days of an administrative variation being denied for the same request, and all fees were paid in full for the administrative variation, then the fee charged is the cost of a Plan and Zoning Commission variation, less the fee paid for the administrative variation, provided the scope of the variation has not been expanded and no additional relief is requested.
   (B)   Staff review fee. Upon presentation for an application for rezoning or special use, the applicant shall pay a non-refundable staff review fee in the following amount:
   (C)   Reimbursement of city costs.  In addition to the above fees for amendment and special use (including PUDs) applications, the applicant shall be obligated to reimburse the city for any fees incurred by the city for mailing and copying, legal advertising costs, or hiring professional consultants (legal, engineering, land planning, financial or other professional consultants) that may be required in the review of the application. In variation cases, if the fees stated above exceed the amount charged by the application fee, the applicant shall be obligated to reimburse the city.
      (1)   A 15% fee of the total charges shall be added as an administrative fee.
      (2)   All proceedings in connection with a rezoning, a special use permit, a planned development, or a variation shall be stayed until such sum so designated is submitted to the city as required.
      (3)   All proceedings with regard to a rezoning, a special use permit, a planned development, or variation shall be stayed until subsequent requests for payment of fees shall be submitted.
      (4)   Any request or subsequent demand of the city not paid by the applicant within ten days of the date of the demand shall, at the discretion of the City Council and upon written notice to the applicant, terminate and render null and void the proposed rezoning, special use permit, planned development, or variation application.
(Ord. 21-016, passed 8-18-21)