§ 156.020  INTRODUCTION.
   (A)   Scope.
      (1)   No building or structure shall be constructed, converted, enlarged, moved, remodeled, reconstructed or structurally altered, nor shall any building, structure or land be used for any purpose other than is permitted in the district in which it is located.
      (2)   No structure, or part thereof, shall be built, moved or remodeled, and no structure or land shall be used, occupied or designed for use or occupancy so as to exceed the maximum lot coverage percentage, the maximum structure height or the maximum floor area ratio specified for the zoning district in which the structure is located; or provide any setback or front, side, transitional or rear yard that is less than that specified for the zoning district in which the structure or use of land is located or maintained.
      (3)   Further, no application for a building permit or other permit, license or certificate shall be approved by the Zoning Administrator or their designee, unless in keeping with the provisions of this zoning ordinance.
   (B)   Concurrence with plans and other regulations. Development plans prepared in keeping with this chapter shall also conform to other plans and regulations of the city code, including but not limited to:
      (1)   Comprehensive plan.  The city's comprehensive plan (per Chapter 150) shall provide guidance in the approval of development under this chapter.
      (2)   Historic preservation.  The city's historic preservation standards (per Chapter 150) shall be also applied to relevant properties.
      (3)   Development code.  In all cases where land is divided for the purpose of development, or where a planned development is proposed, the provisions of Chapter 153, Development Code, as applicable, shall apply, in addition to the provisions in this chapter.
      (4)   Special area plans.  Special area plans as adopted by the city to address issues related to key areas of the city.
(Ord. 21-016, passed 8-18-21)