§ 156.095  SHARED PARKING.
   (A)   Description.  Shared parking is an arrangement whereby two or more owners of nonresidential properties, or users sharing a parking lot and having different peak-hour parking demands use the same off-street parking spaces to satisfy their off-street parking requirements.   
   (B)   General.  The Zoning Administrator may approve shared parking facilities between two properties, subject to the following conditions.
      (1)   Eligible uses.  Shared parking is allowed among different use types or among uses with different hours of operation.
      (2)   Ineligible parking.  Accessible parking spaces (for persons with disabilities) may not be shared and must be located on-site.
      (3)   Location.  Shared parking spaces shall be located within 750 feet of the primary entrance of all uses served, unless shuttle bus service is provided to the parking lot.
      (4)   Shared parking study. Applicants wishing to use shared parking as a means of satisfying parking requirements shall submit a shared parking analysis to the Zoning Administrator that clearly demonstrates the feasibility of shared parking. It shall address, at minimum, the size and type of the proposed development, the composition of tenants, the anticipated rate of parking turnover, and the anticipated peak parking and traffic loads for all uses that will be sharing parking spaces.
      (5)   Agreement.  Applicants must provide a shared parking agreement in a form approved by the City Attorney, and executed by the parties using the shared parking spaces and the city. Shared parking privileges will continue in effect only as long as the agreement, binding on all parties, remains in force. Should the agreement cease to be in force, parking must be provided as otherwise required within this article. Shared parking agreements shall be recorded as part of the development approval.
   (C)   Shared parking within shopping centers. Cumulative parking requirements for mixed-use occupancies may be reduced where it can be determined that the peak requirement of the several occupancies occurs at different times during the day. For a shared parking arrangement, the Zoning Administrator may make an administrative adjustment that reduces the off-street parking requirements for each participating commercial property.
      (1)   To approve such an administrative adjustment, the Zoning Administrator shall find that:
         (a)   The collective parking facility is located within 750 feet walking distance of each of the uses, as measured from the entrance of each use to the nearest parking space in the collective parking facility;
         (b)   Convenient, safe, accessible and visible pedestrian connections are located between the facilities and all of the shared properties;
         (c)   The tenants do not have the same hours of operation or peak hours of operation, i.e., there is some substantial difference in business hours; an example follows:
            1.   Business 1: Monday to Friday: open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., closed Saturday, Sunday;
            2.   Business 2: Monday to Saturday: open 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., closed Sunday.
      (2)   Applicants must provide a shared parking agreement in a form approved by the City Attorney, and executed by the property owner, the parties using the shared parking spaces, and the city.
(Ord. 21-016, passed 8-18-21)