General Provisions
   153.001   Title
   153.002   Purpose and scope
   153.003   Establishment of control
   153.004   Sale of land in subdivision
   153.005   Scope
   153.006   Extent of application
   153.007   Compliance with Zoning Code
   153.008   Definitions
   153.009   Nonresidential subdivisions
Plat and Plan Procedures; Specifications
   153.020   Preparation of plats or plans for review
   153.021   Plat required
   153.022   Compliance with design standards required
   153.023   Primary plat; staff review; preliminary procedures
   153.024   Primary plat; Plan Commission hearing; primary approval or disapproval of plat
   153.025   Secondary plat
Design Standards; Requirements
   153.035   Compliance
   153.036   Master plans
   153.037   Neighborhood plan
   153.038   Street layouts
   153.039   Block layouts
   153.040   Minimum rights-of-way for streets, crosswalks and easements
   153.041   Minimum pavement and sidewalk widths
   153.042   Street grades and curves
   153.043   Intersection
   153.044   Lots
   153.045   Parks and recreation dedication and fees
   153.046   Street signs
   153.047   Unpaved areas
   153.048   "As-builts"
Minimum Improvements Required
   153.060   Improvement installation
   153.061   Performance bond
   153.062   Cost of improvements
   153.063   Required improvements
   153.064   Inspection of improvements
   153.065   Completion of improvements
   153.066   Acceptance of streets as public ways
   153.067   Maintenance bond
   153.068   Underground utilities
   153.069   Erosion Control Plan
   153.070   Storm water permit - IDEM
   153.080   Plan Commission to be administrative authority
   153.081   Variances; undue hardships
   153.082   Fee schedule
   153.083   Collection fees
   153.999   Penalty
   Appendix A:   Procedure for primary plat approval
   Appendix B:   Primary plat - Plan Commission staff review
   Appendix C:   Checklist for primary plat - Plan Commission hearing (primary approval or disapproval of plat)
   Appendix D:   Secondary approval of plat
   Appendix E:   Certificates
   Appendix F:   Street tree plantings
   Appendix G:   Subdivision improvement plan distribution list (utility companies)