Name of subdivision:                                                                                                        
Date of subdivision:                                                                                                          
Due date of recommendation: (45 days)                                                                                
             1. Plans have been submitted within 12 months of the date of approval by the Plan Commission of the primary plat.
             2. Four copies of engineering plans have been submitted.
             3. Plans are on 24 by 36 inch sheets.
             4. A title sheet is included with each set of plans, and includes:
                A. Names of the subdivision and unit number.
                B. Types of work covered.
                C. Location map showing relation of area to be improved to existing streets.
                D. An index of sheets.
                E. A summary of quantities.
                F. Name, address, and seal of engineer or land surveyor registered in Indiana preparing the plans.
                G. Date of preparation and revisions, if any, of primary plat.
             5. Plan and profiles:
                A. Horizontal scale is not less than one inch to 50 feet.
                B. Vertical scale is no less than one inch to five feet.
             6. Cross sections:
                A. Horizontal and vertical scales no less than one inch to ten feet.
             7. North direction is shown for each separate plan view.
             8. An adequate number of bench marks are shown with elevations referenced to mean sea level to facilitate checking of elevations without more than one setup of a surveyor's level.
             9. Delineation is shown of all easements necessary to serve all lots with underground and overhead utilities and to allow for perpetual maintenance of these facilities.
             10. An application for the IDEM permit for the sanitary sewer extension accompanies the plans.
             11. Sanitary sewer plans and specifications are complete and conform to the standards and requirements of the ordinances applicable thereto and denote all of the following:
                A. All properties in the subdivision are served and house service connection are provided.
                B. The minimum size main is eight inch I.D.
                C. The plan conforms to the overall city plan for any trunk sewers traversing the subdivision.
                D. The distance between manholes does not exceed 400 feet.
                E. The invert elevation of each manhole is shown.
                F. The grade of each section of sewer is shown by percentage in accordance with accepted engineering practice.
                G. Extra strength pipe and extra strength manhole wall construction is specified and shown on the plans and in the estimates of quantities where the depth of installation exceeds 12 feet.
                H. Profile of existing and proposed ground surfaces.
                I. Risers are shown for individual house service laterals where depths of main exceeds 12 feet.
                J. Pipe joints are of permitted type.
                K. Minimum manhole cover weights are correct:
                   1. 540 pounds in collector streets;
                   2. 400 pounds in minor and cul-de-sac streets;
                   3. 335 pounds in rear-lot easements.
                L. Specifications include provisions for checking of infiltration or exfiltration.
                   1. Standard manhole;
                   2. Drop manhole;
                   3. Standard manhole cover;
                   4. Standard riser;
                   5. Standard service installation;
                   6. Concrete cradle.
           12. An application for IDEM approval of the water main installation accompanies the plans.
             13. Water distribution plans and specifications are complete and conform to the ordinances applicable thereto and include all of the following:
                A. All properties in the subdivision are served and provisions are made for service connection within the property line.
                B. The minimum size main is eight inches I.D.
                C. The plan conforms to the city's overall plan for any trunk lines which might traverse the subdivision.
                D. Valve and hydrant spacing and location conform to the approved primary plat.
                E. Materials and joint specifications comply with the city's standards.
                F. Specifications include provisions for testing and sterilization of all new water distribution facilities.
                   1. Valve cover;
                   2. Standard cover;
                   3. Standard hydrant installation.
             14. Street plans, including storm sewers, are complete and conform to the ordinances applicable thereto and include the following:
                A. The location of streets and width of pavements conform to those indicated on the approved primary plat.
                B. Plan shows curb, gutter and sidewalk locations, and includes the following information:
                   1. Corner curb radius is not less than 16 feet;
                   2. Curve data for all horizontal curves;
                   3. Direction of flow along all curbs;
                   4. No surface water is carried across or around any street intersection, nor for a distance greater than 400 feet.
                C. Cross-sections are submitted as necessary to indicate feasibility of proposed street elevations in relation to adjacent lot elevations and include sidewalk location.
                D. Profiles are submitted for all paving center lines and storm sewers and indicate:
                   1. Catch basin invert elevations;
                   2. Minimum pipe size is 15 inches I.D.;
                   3. The grade of each section of sewer is shown by percentage in accordance with accepted engineering practice;
                   4. Storm sewer elevations do not conflict with any other underground utilities;
                   5. Storm sewer is connected with an adequate outfall;
                   6. Curve data is given for vertical road curves.
                E. The storm sewer system is designed to provide sufficient capacity for the draining of upland areas contributing to the storm water runoff on the street.
                   1. Storm sewer design computations are submitted with plans.
                F. A surface water drainage pattern is shown for each block.
                G. Material specifications comply with city standards and include:
                   1. Paving base materials;
                   2. Paving surface materials;
                   3. Concrete;
                   4. Pipe materials.
                H. Typical cross-sections and details include the following:
                   1. Collector street;
                   2. Minor or cul-de-sac street;
                   3. Concrete curb and gutter;
                   4. Concrete sidewalk;
                   5. Standard manhole;
                   6. Standard cover;
                   7. Catch basin.
             15. Streetlight plans are complete and include the following:
                A. Pole locations.
                B. Spacing.
                C. Average maintained foot candle illumination (calculated).
                   1. Type of base and pole.
                   2. Bracket or arm.
                   3. Laminar, indicating type of lamp and wattage.
                   4. Mounting height.
             16. Parkway improvement specifications are completed and include provisions for:
                A. Removal of stumps, trees that cannot be saved, boulders, and all other items.
                B. Grading, installation of topsoil, and seeding or sodding.
             17. Street signs are shown to be installed at all street intersections not previously marked.
Completed by:                                                                                                   (Name)
Reviewed by:                                                                                         , City Engineer
Reviewed by:                                                                                       , Utility Director
Considered by Plan Commission on                                                         (Date)
(Ord. - -, passed - -)