§ 153.082  FEE SCHEDULE.
   (A)   Subdivisions. Charges cover the required review and processing. The fees in this schedule do not include the required fees for inspection of improvements.
Subdivision Review and Processing Fees
Primary Plan - Plan Commission Staff Review
Filing and Review Fee (nonrefundable)
$30 per lot
Primary Plan - Plan Commission Hearing
Filing and Review Fee (nonrefundable)
$75 per lot
Record Plat/ Final Plat (Engineering and Planning Review)
Filing and Review Fee (nonrefundable)
$50 per lot
Parcel Cut-Up/ Subdivision Less Than Five Lots
Filing and Review Fee (nonrefundable)
$150 per lot
Changes by Applicant to Approved Plans
Requiring Planning Commission Review
$75 per lot
Requiring Staff Review City Engineer
$40 per lot
   (B)   City review officers' hourly rate fees. For any proposal, not specified elsewhere in this fee schedule, requiring city review, the following hourly rates will apply. Fees shall be paid to the city prior to the required approval(s) and/or issuing of permit(s).
City Engineer
$50 per hour
Building Commissioner
$50 per hour
City Planner/Zoning Commissioner
$50 per hour
   (C)   Work within the existing public right-of-way and streets intended for dedication. The following permits are issued in reference to work performed within the public right-of-way.
Private Contractors
1. Driveway (entrance) (residential), including inspection
2. Driveway (entrance) (commercial), including inspection
3. Excavations (repair/improvements) in sod, including inspection
4. Excavations in pavement, including inspection (including brick sidewalk)
5. Tunneling (in addition to items 3, 4, and 5), including inspection
6. Excavations in sidewalk, including inspection
7. Construction of a street intended for dedication to public use, excluding inspection
8. For projects requiring a performance bond (all projects over $500, as estimated by the city, and all projects within the roadway including curbs) an additional cost of inspection shall be paid
$10.00/1,000.00 of total estimated cost
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