§ 153.039  BLOCK LAYOUTS.
   (A)   Width. Blocks shall have sufficient width to provide for two tiers of lots of appropriate depth, except in the case of approved double frontage lots abutting a primary thoroughfare.
   (B)   Length. Blocks shall not exceed 1800 feet in length.
   (C)   Crosswalks. Crosswalks, when required, shall be suitably located where required by the Plan Commission to provide adequate pedestrian circulation.
   (D)   Irregular shaped blocks. Irregularly shaped blocks, including those indented by cul-de-sacs, containing interior parks or playgrounds and adequate parking space will be acceptable when properly designed and covered by agreements as to maintenance of the park areas.
   (E)   Intersecting streets on primary thoroughfares. The number of intersecting streets along primary thoroughfares shall be held to a minimum. Wherever practicable, blocks along such thoroughfares shall be not less than 1200 feet in length.
(Ord. - -, passed - -)  Penalty, see § 153.999