§ 153.036  MASTER PLANS.
   (A)   Thoroughfare Plan. A subdivision layout shall conform to the Official Thoroughfare Plan adopted by the Plan Commission. Whenever any existing or proposed thoroughfare, parkway, or other major or collector street designated on the Thoroughfare Plan abuts or transverses a tract to be subdivided, such part of the right-of-way shall be platted by the subdivider in the location and at the width indicated on the Thoroughfare Plan.
   (B)   Comprehensive Plan.  Layout of the subdivision shall conform to the Official Comprehensive Plan adopted by the Plan Commission and Common Council. Where a proposed park or other recreational area, school site, or other public ground shown on the Comprehensive Plan is located in whole or in part within the proposed subdivision, such proposed public ground, if not dedicated to the city or the Board of Education, shall be reserved by the subdivider for acquisition by the city or Board of Education within a period of two years from the Plan Commission approval of the primary plat by purchase or other means, unless released by the city or Board of Education. If the city notifies the developer of its decision to buy public land as shown on the Comprehensive Plan, the two year period shall automatically be extended by one additional year.
(Ord. - -, passed - -)  Penalty, see § 153.999