(A)   General.
      (1)   If a proposed subdivision includes land that is zoned for commercial or industrial purposes, the layout of the subdivision with respect to such land shall make such provision as the Plan Commission may require.
      (2)   A nonresidential subdivision shall also be subject to all the requirements of site plan review set forth in the Zoning Code. Site plan review and nonresidential subdivision plat approval may proceed simultaneously at the discretion of the Plan Commission. A nonresidential subdivision shall be subject to all the requirements of these regulations, as well as such additional standards required by the Plan Commission, and shall conform to the proposed land use and standards established in the Comprehensive Plan, Thoroughfare Plan and Zoning Code.
   (B)   Standards. In addition to the principals and standards in these regulations which are appropriate to the planning of all subdivisions, the applicant shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Commission that the street, parcel, and block pattern proposed is specifically adapted to the uses anticipated and takes into account other uses in the vicinity. The following principles and standards shall be observed:
      (1)   Proposed industrial parcels shall be suitable in area and dimensions to the types of industrial development anticipated.
      (2)   Street rights-of-way and pavement shall be adequate to accommodate the type and volume of traffic anticipated to be generated thereupon.
      (3)   Special requirements may be imposed by the city with respect to street, curb, gutter, lighting and sidewalk design and construction.
      (4)   Special requirements may be imposed by the city with respect to the installation of public utilities, including, but not limited to water, sewer, storm drainage, electric, telephone, and cable.
      (5)   Every effort shall be made to protect adjacent residential areas from potential nuisance from a proposed commercial or industrial subdivision, including the provision of extra depth in parcels backing up on existing or potential residential development and provisions for a permanently landscaped buffer strip when necessary.
      (6)   Streets carrying nonresidential traffic, especially truck traffic, shall not normally be extended to the foundries of adjacent existing or potential residential areas.
   (C)   In business and industrial developments, the streets and other access ways shall be planned in connection with the grouping of buildings, location of rail facilities, and the provision of alleys, truck loading and maneuvering areas, and walks and parking areas so as to minimize conflict of movement between the various types of traffic, including pedestrians.
   (D)   Blocks designed for industrial uses shall be of such length and width as may be determined suitable by the Plan Commission for prospective use.
   (E)   In districts zoned for business, commercial, or industrial uses, the nearest street extending parallel or approximately parallel to the railroad shall, whenever practicable, be at a sufficient distance therefrom to ensure suitable depth for commercial or industrial sites.
(Ord. - -, passed - -)