(a)   As used in this chapter, "provider" means an adult person or persons who provide child day care services.
   (b)   The provider shall be a permanent resident of the premises and at least eighteen years of age with a minimum of six months experience in caring for children ages fourteen years or younger. Said experience may be obtained either as a parent or from employment, day care center observation, volunteer service or eighteen hours of in-service training, or from some other similar activity.
   (c)   The residential premises from which residential child day care services are provided shall be the full-time residence of a provider (rented, leased or owned).
   (d)   The provider shall have available for review by parents, guardians or persons in loco parentis a letter dated and signed by a licensed physician or public health nurse attesting that the provider is in good physical and mental health and is able, from the perspective of the physician or public health nurse, to care for children. The letter shall also indicate that the provider is free from all communicable diseases. Any other person eighteen years of age or older who will have regular contact with the children shall also make available a physician's or public health nurse's letter providing the same information as that required of the provider. The medical letters required by this subsection shall be updated at least once every three years, unless medical conditions then existing require closer monitoring.
   (e)   The provider and/or other residents or adults present where children are being-cared for shall attest that they have never been convicted of a felony, child abuse, child neglect or child endangerment or found by a court to be the cause of a child needing protective custody, and shall also consent to a record check and  fingerprinting by the Police Division.
   (f)   The provider shall attest that the provider and any other persons visiting, assisting or residing on the premises will not ingest alcohol, drugs or medicine that impairs the ability to provide child day care services, while providing child day care services. The provider shall also attest that neither the provider nor any person residing on the premises has an active addiction to alcohol or drugs of abuse.
   (g)   The provider shall not practice any form of discrimination against families or children on account of race, creed, national origin, religion or sex.
(Ord. 25-92. Passed 5-4-1992.)