TITLE ONE - Standards Adopted
Chap. 1301. Residential Code of Ohio.
Chap. 1302. Ohio Building Code.
Chap. 1306. Property Maintenance and Safety Code.
Chap. 1308. Flood Damage Prevention Code.
TITLE THREE - Local Provisions
Chap. 1309. Permit Fees.
Chap. 1311. Entering Adjoining Property.
Chap. 1313. House Numbering.
Chap. 1315. Fire Limits.
Chap. 1317. Motion Pictures and Films. (Repealed)
Chap. 1321. Registration of Specialty Contractors.
Chap. 1323. Registration of Contractors.
Chap. 1325. Architectural Board of Review.
Chap. 1327. Condominiums.
Chap. 1329. Signs.
Chap. 1331. Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors in Rental Dwelling Units.
Chap. 1335. Paint Removal and Exterior Surface Cleaning.
Chap. 1337. Lakewood Heritage Advisory Board.
Chap. 1339. Storm Water Management.