TITLE ONE - General Provisions
Chap. 101.  Codified Ordinances.
Chap. 103.  Ward Boundaries and Dock Lines.
Chap. 105.  City Seal.
Chap. 107.  Publication of Legal Notices.
Chap. 109.  Public Meetings.
Chap. 111.  Purchasing and Contracting.
Chap. 113.  Living Wage.
TITLE THREE - Legislative
Chap. 121.  Council.
TITLE FIVE - Administrative
Chap. 123.  Departments and Directors Established.
Chap. 125.  Mayor.
Chap. 127.  Department of Law.
Chap. 128.  Municipal Income Tax Through December 31, 2015.
Chap. 128.  Municipal Income Tax Effective January 1, 2016.
Chap. 129.  Department of Finance; Moneys, Investments and Funds.
Chap. 131.  Department of Public Works.
Chap. 133.  Department of Public Safety.
Chap. 135.  Division of Police.
Chap. 137.  Division of Fire.
Chap. 138.  Department of Human Resources.
Chap. 139.  Department of Planning and Development.
Chap. 140.  Department of Human Services.
Chap. 141Special Assessments.
Chap. 142.  Community Relations Advisory Commission.
Chap. 143.  City Records Commission.
Chap. 144.  Civil Service Commission.
Chap. 145.  Keep Lakewood Beautiful Board.
Chap. 146.  Animal Safety and Welfare Advisory Board.
Chap. 147.  Bonds.
Chap. 148.  Personal Information Systems.
Chap. 149.  Employment Provisions.
Chap. 150.  Public Art Advisory Board.
Chap. 151.  Sundry Claims. (Repealed)
Chap. 152.  Tree Advisory and Education Board.
Chap. 153.  Urban Renewal.
Chap. 154.  Planning Commission.
Chap. 155.  Real Property Transactions.
Chap. 156.  Board of Building Standards and Building Appeals.
Chap. 157.  Collective Bargaining.  (Repealed)
Chap. 158.  Child Care Services Advisory Board. (Repealed)
Chap. 159.  Youth Council.
Chap. 160.  Audit Committee.
TITLE SEVEN - Judicial
Chap. 161.  Municipal Court.