(a)   There is hereby established a Residential Child Day Care Services Resource Registry in and for the City of Lakewood which shall include therein the names, addresses and telephone numbers of persons that offer child day care services from a residential premises in the City of Lakewood, provided the minimum standards and requirements set forth in this chapter are met. The provider of the child day care services may also include in the Registry any valid credentials or certifications possessed by the provider.
   (b)   The Residential Child Day Care Services Resource Registry shall be maintained in such locations at City Hall as shall be determined by the Mayor and shall be available for inspection by any person during business hours of the City.  The Registry shall be maintained and updated by the Coordinator of Lakewood Child Care Services.
   (c)   Inclusion of any provider in the Residential Child Day Care Services Resource Registry shall not constitute, directly or indirectly, certification, approval, recommendation as to suitability, evaluation of adequacy or suitability, or assumption of responsibility for compliance, regulation or education of any day care provider, nor for any loss, injury or damage which may arise out of or relate to the placement of any child with a day care provider, by the City or its officials, officers, employees or agents.
(Ord. 25-92. Passed 5-4-1992.)