149.10  HOLIDAYS.
   (a)    Effective June 19, 2021, full-time permanent hourly employees and annual salaried employees, not covered by a collective bargaining agreement, shall be granted holidays with regular time pay, as follows:
New Year’s Day
Labor Day
Martin Luther King Day
Thanksgiving Day
Presidents Day
Day After Thanksgiving
Good Friday
Christmas Day
Memorial Day
Three Days Personally Requested
Employee’s Birthday
Independence Day
    However, no employee shall be compensated for holiday pay unless he works or is available for work on his full regularly scheduled work day next preceding and next following the holiday. (Day after Thanksgiving shall not apply to individuals working in the Refuse Department or Wastewater Treatment Plant, who shall receive an extra personal day).
   (b)    Whenever any such holiday falls Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be regarded as the holiday and when any such holiday falls on Sunday, the Monday following shall be regarded as the holiday, for all purposes of Sections 149.01 through 149.13.
   (c)    Nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent the City as employer from requiring any employee to report for work or to work on any holiday if necessary, by reason of emergency or to carry on essential municipal functions.
(Ord. 49-01. Passed 11-5-01; Ord. 25-2021.  Passed 7-19-21.)