(a)   Full-time permanent hourly employees, if available and willing to work, shall be and are hereby guaranteed employment for a minimum of forty hours per week, and in fulfillment of such guarantee will be paid a minimum regular time wage equal to forty hours regular time work. This provision shall not apply where:
      (1)   The hours worked, or a compensated holiday, vacation or sick leave, or any two or more of such matters in combination, amount to forty or more hours in actual time in any week;
      (2)   Regular time pay plus overtime pay equals or exceeds forty hours of regular time pay in any week; or
      (3)   An employee shall lose time by reason of a disciplinary lay-off, or who willfully fails or refuses to perform his regular duties, or who is absent from his place of employment except for illness incapacitating him from work and evidenced in the manner specified in the provisions hereof for sick leave.
   (b)   Nothing herein contained shall be construed to limit the power of the City to lay off, suspend or discharge any employee or to terminate employment for disciplinary reasons or because of lack of work or shortage of available funds duly appropriated for payment of wages.
(Ord. 49-01. Passed 11-5-2001.)