Department of Finance; Moneys, Investments and Funds
129.01   Report of Finance Director on unexpended balances.
129.02   Form of reports.
129.03   Additional reports.
129.04   Abbreviated reports.
129.05   Delayed reports.
129.06   Reports which must be furnished promptly.
129.07   Report of receipts of General Fund revenue.
129.08   Definitions.
129.09   Findings by Council; inapplicability of and  incorporation of State laws.
129.10   Depositories.
129.101   Investments.
129.102   Miscellaneous provisions.
129.11   Distribution of interest from invested money.
129.12   Insuring funds in possession of City officials.
129.13   Form of policies; payment of premiums.
129.131   Internet auctions.
129.14   Hospital Fund.
129.15   Hospital Capital Outlay and Depreciation Fund.
129.16   Parking Meter Fund.
129.17   Federal Revenue Sharing Fund.
129.18   Water Fund and Water Guarantee Fund.
129.19   Water Capital Outlay and Depreciation Fund.
129.20   Sidewalk Guarantee Fund.
129.21   General and Special Improvement Funds.
129.22   General Fund.
129.23   Skating Rink Fund.
129.24   Equipment Depreciation Fund.
129.25   Recreation Improvement Fund.
129.26   Withdrawing funds; authorized signatures.
129.27   Housing Rehabilitation Fund.  (Repealed)
129.28   Capital Improvements Fund.
129.29   Sidewalk Repair Special Assessment Fund.
129.30   Lakewood Park Breakwall Fund.
129.31   Urban Parks Grant Improvement Fund.
129.32   Law Enforcement Trust Fund and Drug Law Enforcement Fund.
129.33   Self-Insurance Funds. (Repealed)
129.34   Enforcement and Education Fund; Indigent Drivers Alcohol Treatment Fund.
129.35   Procurement Officer.
129.36   Computer Legal Research Fund and Computer Maintenance Fund.
129.37   Winterhurst Ice Rink Enterprise Fund.
129.38   Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant.
129.39   Just Friends Grant Special Revenue Fund.
129.40   Helmet Safety Fund.
129.41   St.  Ann’s Charity Grant Special Revenue Fund.
129.42   Byrne Grant Special Revenue Fund.
129.43   Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant (JAIBG) Special Revenue Fund.
129.44   H20 - Help to Others Special Revenue Fund.
129.45   Land Acquisition Fund.
129.46   Cuyahoga County Violence Prevention Fund.
129.47   Equitable Sharing Special Revenue Fund.
129.48   City Park Improvement Fund.
129.49   Home Investment Partnerships Program Fund.
129.50   Lead Safe Cuyahoga Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control  Program Fund.
129.51   Family Child Day Care Program Fund.
129.52   Federal Emergency Management Agency Fund.
129.53   Petty cash funds.
129.54   Operational cash funds.
129.55   Community Diversion Program Fund.
129.56   Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Bond Retirement Fund.
129.57   Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Capital Improvement Fund.
129.58   Family to Family System of Care Expansion Project Special Revenue Fund.
129.59   Vital statistics fees.
129.60      Budget Reserve Account.
129.61      Collection fees.
129.62      Appropriations of balance or accruing revenue not already appropriated.
129.63      Unexpended balances revert.
129.64      Certification of instruments.
   Established - see CHTR. 4.4
   Director's duties - see CHTR. 5.1
   Appropriations - see CHTR. 5.4
   Reports - see CHTR. 5.6
   Assessments - see CHTR. 5.8
   Loss of funds; release of liability - see Ohio R.C. 131.18 et seq.
   Treasury investment account - see Ohio R.C. 731.56 et seq.
   Uniform Bond Law - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 133
   Uniform Depository Act - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 135
   Notice of sale of bonds and notes - see ADM. 107.05
   Director as Records Commission member - see ADM. 143.01
   Bond of Director - see ADM. 147.02
   Custody of bonds - see ADM. 147.06