Mountain Rest Cemetery
   95.01   Management
   95.02   Duties of governing body
   95.03   Powers of governing body
   95.04   Rules and regulations apply; use restricted
   95.05   Price of lots and fees for services as prescribed
   95.06   Record of lots sold
   95.07   Reservation of lots by installment payments
   95.08   Deeds
   95.09   Potter’s field
   95.10   Burial of war veterans
   95.11   Transfer of interest in lots
   95.12   Abandonment of lots
   95.13   Burial certificate required
   95.14   Restriction on interments
   95.15   Notice prior to interment
   95.16   Disinterments
   95.17   Record of interments and disinterments
   95.18   Performance of work generally
   95.19   Funeral processions
   95.20   Use of entrance gate; hours open
   95.21   Malicious mischief
   95.22   Livestock prohibited
   95.23   Dogs prohibited
   95.24   Persons with firearms
Perpetual Care
   95.35   Extent of care
   95.36   Trust fund established
   95.37   Lots sold subject to perpetual care
   95.38   Lot markers
   95.39   Enclosures
   95.40   Trees and shrubbery
   95.41   Iron work and the like
   95.42   Approval of stone and marble work
   95.43   Monuments generally
   95.44   Monument foundations; size
   95.45   Grave markers
   95.46   Material to be used in monuments and markers
   95.47   Vaults
   95.48   Mounds; grade of lots
Statutory reference:
   Authority of city to acquire, establish and maintain cemeteries and regulate burials, see G.S. §§ 160A-341 et seq.
   Authority to tax therefor, see G.S. § 160A-209(c)(8)