General Provisions
   70.001   Definitions
   70.002   Application to persons propelling pushcarts, riding animals, and the like
   70.003   Unlawful carrying of white cane
   70.004   Authorized emergency vehicles
Prohibited Operation of Motor Vehicle
   70.020   Operation of vehicle without certificate of title
   70.021   Operation of vehicle without license plates or without plates conspicuously displayed
   70.022   Suspension of license plates
   70.023   No valid driver’s licenses
   70.024   Improperly equipped vehicles on highway
   70.025   Operation of vehicle without headlights
   70.026   Failure to dim lights
Obedience to Officers
   70.040   Use of blue light by firefighters
   70.041   Authority of Police and Fire Department officials to direct traffic
   70.042   Obedience to Police and Fire Department officials
Rules and Regulations
   70.060   Overriding road conditions
   70.061   Illegal lane changing
   70.062   Illegal u-turn
   70.063   Failure to stop and report after accident with unattended vehicle
   70.064   Throwing match or burning object from vehicle
   70.065   Littering from motor vehicle
   70.066   Use of streets for storage, display or sale of vehicles prohibited
   70.067   Tampering with motor vehicles
   70.068   Use of skates, coasters on roadways
   70.069   Duty to drive on right half of street
   70.070   Crossing intersection or railroad crossing
   70.071   Passing vehicle proceeding in opposite direction
   70.072   Passing vehicle proceeding in same direction
   70.073   Overtaking and passing on right
   70.074   Duty of driver of overtaken vehicle
   70.075   Signals on starting, stopping or turning
   70.076   Required position and method of turning at intersection
   70.077   Police initiated detours
   70.078   Prohibited turns
   70.079   Limitations on turning around
   70.080   Right-of-way turning left
   70.081   Stop and yield intersections
   70.082   Emerging from alley, building or private road
   70.083   Duty to yield right-of-way to emergency vehicles
   70.084   Duty to stop upon approach of authorized emergency vehicle
   70.085   Duty upon approaching stopped school bus; where school buses stop
   70.086   Duty to stop at railroad crossing
   70.087   One-way streets and alleys
   70.088   Play streets
   70.089   Entering or leaving controlled access highway
   70.090   Driving through safety zone prohibited
   70.091   Driving on sidewalk
   70.092   Obstructing intersections or crosswalks
   70.093   Limitations on backing
   70.094   Following too closely
   70.095   Following fire apparatus or driving or stopping near scene of fire
   70.096   Driving over fire hose
   70.097   Maximum speed
   70.098   Minimum speed
   70.099   Reckless driving
   70.100   Careless driving
   70.101   Exhibition driving
   70.102   Defacing, damaging devices
   70.103   Opening doors on traffic side of stopped vehicle
   70.104   Moving another’s vehicle into prohibited area or away from curb
   70.105   Pedestrians; right-of-way generally
   70.106   Use of right half of crosswalks
   70.107   Special provisions for persons accompanied by guide dog or carrying white canes
Motor Vehicles
   70.120   Brakes required
   70.121   Vehicle equipment
   70.122   Weight and size of vehicles
   70.123   Clinging to motor vehicles
   70.124   Boarding or alighting from moving vehicle
   70.125   Riding on portion of vehicle not intended for passengers
   70.126   Unattended vehicle
Traffic Devices
   70.140   Installation and maintenance of traffic control devices
   70.141   Determination of proper timing and maintenance
   70.142   Designation and marking of crosswalks and safety zones; marking and use of traffic lanes
   70.143   Traffic control signal legend
   70.144   Flashing signals
   70.145   Pedestrian control signals
   70.146   Obedience to devices; corner cutting to avoid devices
   70.147   Unauthorized signs and signals
Routes and Zones
   70.160   Designation of loading zones
   70.161   Use of passenger loading zones
   70.162   Use of freight loading zones
   70.163   Police authority to establish truck routes
   70.164   Truck route identification signs at town limits
   70.165   Truck route use required; with exception
   70.166   Deviation or truck routes permitted temporarily
   70.167   Bus loading and unloading zone