71.01   Operating at excessive speed or recklessly; operating without required muffler
   71.02   Improper use on controlled access highway; operation on railroad right-of-way
   71.03   Improper operation on or across a roadway
   71.04   Operating without lights when dark
Motorcycles and Mopeds
   71.20   Operating without driver’s license
   71.21   Helmet required under 18 years
   71.22   Passenger seat
   71.23   Position of motorcyclist
   71.24   Carrying of package which prohibits driver from keeping both hands on handlebars
   71.25   Rider interfering with control or view of operator
   71.26   Carrying loaded or uncased gun
   71.27   Attachment of driver or cycle to another vehicle
   71.28   Operating cycle in manner depriving another of full use of driving lane
   71.29   Cyclist overtaking and passing motor vehicle in same lane
   71.30   Operating cycle between adjacent lanes of traffic
   71.31   Operating cycle more than 2 abreast in single traffic lanes
   71.32   Helmets and eye protection required for persons riding motorcycles, motor bikes, and the like