General Provisions
   97.001   Casting refuse on public ways
   97.002   Discharging water onto streets or sidewalks
   97.003   Coasting on streets
   97.004   Riding bicycles on sidewalks; skateboards
   97.005   Playing ball; flying in streets
   97.006   Planting poisonous vines
   97.007   Removing cornerstones showing grade of streets and sidewalks prohibited
   97.008   Unsafe scaffolding
   97.009   Awnings; height and construction
   97.010   Transportation of materials along or upon streets
   97.011   Traction engines; moving over streets
   97.012   Installation of street lights
   97.013   Honorary street name sign program
   97.025   Removal of obstructions
   97.026   Buildings or fences in streets
   97.027   Obstruction of streets and alleys prohibited
   97.028   Exhibitions obstructing streets
   97.029   Obstructing streets with merchandise
   97.030   Encroachment prohibited
   97.031   Deposit of snow or ice upon a public right-of-way
Excavations; Constructions
   97.040   Permit required
   97.041   Application for permit; fee
   97.042   Bond required
   97.043   City Engineer to supervise excavations
   97.044   Emergency excavations
   97.045   Approval of city engineer required
   97.046   Occupation of street while building; permit
   97.047   Contractor paving streets to erect guards
   97.048   Interference with danger signals
Driveways, Parking Strips and Curbs
   97.060   Driveways; construction; maintenance and use
   97.061   Curbs not to be removed or lowered
   97.062   Restriction on lowering grade on parking strip
   97.063   Private business use of streets prohibited
   97.080   Concrete construction; compliance
   97.081   Location of sidewalk provided by ordinance
   97.082   Cost apportioned
   97.083   Owner may build sidewalks
   97.084   Notice to Engineer
   97.085   Engineer to prepare tax list
   97.086   Delinquent tax list to County Treasurer
   97.087   Judgment ordained by County Treasurer
   97.088   Walk built or replaced by private individuals
   97.089   Contract to be let to lowest bidders
   97.090   City engineer to have supervision
   97.091   Sidewalk specifications
Numbering Buildings
   97.115   Buildings to be numbered
   97.116   Designation of streets
   97.117   Numbering plan
   97.118   Application for numbers
   97.119   Size and display of numbers
Railroads; Crossings
   97.130   Construction or blocking of crossing prohibited
   97.131   Failure to maintain crossings
   97.132   Ringing of bell; head lights
   97.133   Care of stock cars
   97.134   Playing about railroad yards or cars prohibited
   97.150   Violations of provisions deemed nuisance; abatement
   97.999   Penalty