Article I.  General Provisions
   91.01   Definitions
   91.02   Cruelty to animals
   91.03   Animals for use in entertainment
   91.04   Shooting or molesting birds
   91.05   Livestock and domestic fowl prohibited in city; running at large; nuisance
   91.06   Beekeeping within the city prohibited
   91.07   (Reserved)
   91.08   Wild animals
   91.09   Nonresident not to have animals in the city; exceptions
   91.10   Animal bites and attacks
   91.11   Face bite procedure
   91.12   Control of animal wastes
   91.13   Liberation of confined animals prohibited
   91.14   Dead animals
   91.15   Animal trapping
   91.16   Animal cages, runs, pens, etc.
   91.17   Stray animals
   91.18   Penalty for violation of chapter
Article II.  Dogs and Cats
Division 1.  In General
   91.19   Rabies control
   91.20   Dogs and cats running at large; impoundment
   91.21   Removal of collars, tags and leashes from dogs or cats prohibited; exceptions
   91.22   Excessive barking, howling or yelping
   91.23   Taking up and treating injured dogs and cats
   91.24   Female dogs or cats in heat
   91.25   (Reserved)
   91.26   Use or possession of dogs in conjunction with criminal activity
Division 2.  Dangerous and Vicious Dogs
   91.27   Keeping of vicious dogs
   91.28   Keeping of dangerous dogs
   91.29   Impoundment and disposition of dangerous animals
Article III.  Impoundment
   91.30   Grounds for impoundment
   91.31   Notice of impoundment to owner or keeper
   91.32   Redemption; fees
Article IV.  Kennels and Pet Shops
   91.33   License required
   91.34   License application
   91.35   License fee
   91.36   Investigation of premises
   91.37   Posting license on premises
   91.38   Information on dogs and cats for sale
   91.39   Sale or gift of reptiles and other animals
   91.40   Enforcement
   91.41   License suspension/revocation
   91.42   Penalty
   91.43   This article declared supplemental to state law
Article V.  Enforcement
   91.44   In general
   91.45   Impoundment of animals; records
   91.46   Hindering community service officer duties
   91.47   Dogs prohibited in public areas on certain days