Building Fees
1311.01   Building permits required; application; plans; contractor registration.
1311.011   Handling fees.
1311.02   Building permit fees.
1311.021   Park and recreation improvement fee. (Repealed)
1311.022   Park and Recreation Repair and Maintenance Fund fee. (Repealed)
1311.023   Park and recreation fees; intent and purpose.
1311.024   Definitions.
1311.025   New construction fees.
1311.026   Payment of fees.
1311.027   Park and recreation fund, matching amount.
1311.028   Use of funds.
1311.03   Filing fees for plan examination by Architectural Review Board.
1311.031   Plan examination fees.
1311.04   Sewer permit fees.
1311.05   Plumbing permit fees.
1311.06   Electrical permit fees.
1311.07   Heating and air conditioning permit fees.
1311.08   Gas appliance permit fees.
1311.081   Retaining walls fees.
1311.085   Fire suppression.
1311.086   Fire alarm fees.
1311.09   Permit fees for moving building.
1311.10   Sign permit fees. (Repealed)
1311.11   Fence permit fee.
1311.12   Swimming pool permit fees.
1311.13   Curb cutting fees.
1311.131   Concrete/asphalt.
1311.14   Street opening permit fees and deposits.
1311.15   Driveway culvert permit fee.
1311.151   Fee for determination of flood plain status.
1311.16   Permit fee for liquid storage tanks other than water.
1311.17   Property damage deposit.
1311.18   Re-inspections; building inspection fees.
1311.19   Final inspection.
1311.20   Occupancy guarantee required for moved buildings.
1311.21   Right of way improvements; bond required; insurance.
1311.22   Grade compliance deposit.
1311.23   Street trees.
1311.24   Inspection by Engineer; Deposit Fund.
1311.25   Cash deposit for additional professional services.
1311.26   State surcharge.
1311.27   Expiration of residential building permits.
1311.28   Exterior maintenance bonds.
1311.99   Penalty.
      Zoning appeals, variances and conditional use permit fees - see P. & Z. 1113.05
      Occupancy permits - see BLDG. 1309.01 et seq.
      Certificate of business occupancy fee - see BLDG. 1325.22
      Fire or unauthorized intrusion alarm fee - see BLDG. 1329.03, 1329.09
      Dish antenna fee - see BLDG. 1331.03(c)