(a)     The Building Commission shall not approve any application until the required plan examination fee is paid by the applicant.
   (b)     Payment of the plan examination fee shall be made to the City by the owner or developer of the building or structure.
   (c)     In all buildings or structures which may be used for multiple occupancy; such as multi-family, institutional, business, commercial and industrial buildings and wherever lease floor space is available, plans for individual tenants and occupants shall be submitted in full detail to the Building Commissioner.  Each plan for each and every tenant or occupant shall not be approved by the Building Commission until that tenant or occupant's individual plan examination fee is paid as provided by subsection (b) hereof.
   (d)     Plan examination fees charged shall be in accordance with plan examination fees as set forth in the City Building Code, provided that the minimum plan fee shall not be less than hourly rate per contract examination for each tenant or occupant.
(Ord.  34-2020.  Passed 12-8-20.)