(a)     The Engineer shall check and approve all plans, profiles, cross-sections, specifications and other pertinent work details before any pavement, water, sewer or utility construction is begun and shall periodically inspect such construction in progress.  There shall be established an Inspection Deposit Fund wherein the developer prior to commencing any construction hereunder, shall deposit with the Building Commissioner, to cover inspection costs, a sum to be established by the City Engineer.  Under any circumstances, the minimum amount of such deposit shall be five thousand dollars ($5,000).  If the inspection deposit is reduced below the sum of two thousand dollars ($2,000) then the Director of Finance shall so notify the developer, in writing, and the developer shall, within seven days of receipt of such notice, deposit with the Director of Finance a sum to be established by the City Engineer.  Such procedure shall continue until the construction is completed.  If, at the completion of construction, the developer has funds on deposit that were not necessary to be used to cover the cost of inspections, then that sum shall be refunded to the developer within sixty days from the completion of the construction.
   (b)     No deposit shall be required for inspection services from utility companies (water, electric, natural gas, telephone, cable).  In such instance where inspection service costs are due to the Municipality from utility companies, the Director of Finance shall bill the respective utility on a quarterly basis to collect the outstanding inspection costs.
   (c)     The initial deposit of fees required by this section shall be the responsibility of the Building Commission.  All subsequent collection of fees, all accounting and bookkeeping functions and all billing shall be the sole responsibility of the Director of Finance and the employees of the Finance Department.
   (d)     During the period of completion of such projects the Engineer shall report in appropriate form, as may be determined by his office and the Finance Department, the hours of work performed on such inspection during each billing period for the Engineer at the rates set forth for such services rendered in the current contract between the Engineer and the Municipality.  (Ord.  34-2020.  Passed 12-8-20.)