(a)    Fees. An application for a certificate of occupancy shall be accompanied by a nonrefundable fee determined by square footage of the business establishment. For buildings 5,000 square feet and under the minimum fee shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00). For buildings over 5,000 square feet, the fee shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00) plus fifty cents ($.50) per 100 square feet for each additional 100 square feet over 5,000. The measurements shall be based upon the exterior of the building.
   (b)    Exception for Multiple Occupancy. For all buildings having more than twenty occupants or tenants, the owner or his agent shall apply for a certificate of business occupancy accompanied by a nonrefundable fee. The applications shall also be accompanied by a list of the tenants for each unit which identifies each occupant or tenant and states the nature of the business, use or occupancy of their respective units.
   (c)    Changes; New Certificate of Business Occupancy; Fees. If there is a change in the occupancy of any building or portion thereof, the certificate of business occupancy issued under the provisions of this Business Maintenance Code to the former occupant or owner shall become null and void as to the vacated business unit or units at the time such use is terminated. A new certificate of business occupancy shall be obtained by the new occupant or owner before the new business begins its tenancy or occupancy. Application for a new certificate of business occupancy for any business use shall be made before the new business use begins its tenancy or occupancy. The appropriate fee shall be paid upon application for each new certificate. Such new certificate shall expire on the same date as that of the certificate which it replaces.
   (d)    Change Approval. Any change in the nature or extent of the use or occupancy as specified on the certificate of business occupancy shall render the certificate null and void upon the happening of such change. No such change is permissible unless such change has been approved by the proper City authorities pursuant to this Business Maintenance Code, and unless a new certificate of business occupancy, incorporating such change, has been issued. Any such change, without the approval of the proper City authorities, shall subject the owner, occupant, operator or agent to the penalty provided in Section 1325.99.
(Ord. 21-1980. Passed 5-13-80.)