1101.02   SCOPE.
   (a)   The criteria and procedures established in this chapter pertain to providing public and/or private streets, sidewalks, parking lots, sewers, driveways, water lines, grading of land, siting of structures and all other site work outside the exterior limits of a structure or structures, including the appurtances and associated items, all in accordance with the standard drawing requirements stated herein.
   (b)   This chapter covers all improvements or developments of land in the City except:
      (1)   The construction of a single or two family dwelling on a platted or subdivided lot;
      (2)   The alteration, modification or other work on or about an existing structure when such work does not change, require a change of or add to the site improvements. The rearranging of rooms in a building without adding floor space does not require compliance with this chapter. The addition to an existing building or the changing of a building's use that increases the parking needs does require compliance with this chapter.
(Ord. C 60-73. Passed 8-6-73.)