The developer shall install a street lighting system according to the specifications listed in Section 1101.05(m) and the following requirements:
(Ord. C18-87. Passed 4-6-87.)
   (a)   Street Lights.
      (1)   Street lights shall be installed with electrical material and equipment so that each is ready for service and in conformity with Grove City Standard Construction Drawings.
      (2)   Unless otherwise shown on the Standard Construction Drawings or modified by these specifications, all material and workmanship shall conform to Item 625, Ohio Department of Transportation, “Construction and Material Specifications”.
      (3)   The developer for the particular area under development shall obtain all permits required by the public authority having jurisdiction.
      (4)   Prior to acceptance, the contractor shall operate the lighting system, including automatic control equipment and other apparatus, from sunset to sunrise for ten consecutive days without interruption or failure. If a lamp or ballast should fail, it shall be immediately replaced; however, this shall not require restarting the test.
      (5)   All energy lines leading to the light poles shall be underground unless otherwise permitted by the City Engineer in previously developed areas.
      (6)   All cable shall meet the requirements of Item 713.02 and 713.17, ODTS as modified herein. All cable shall be #6 A WG stranded copper wire with 600 volt insulation or #4 A WG stranded aluminum wire with 600 volt insulation. The insulation for all cable except the cable in the aluminum pole shall be suitable for direct burial.
      (7)   All cable runs in excess of 200 feet shall have a three percent (3%) voltage drop derating factor applied. No cable runs shall be smaller than #6 A WG copper conductors or #4 A WG aluminum conductors and all cable shall be for direct burial.
      (8)   Unless otherwise shown, trenches shall conform to Item 625.12, except that under existing or proposed roadway or driveway the trench depth shall be thirty-six inches.
      (9)   A two-inch galvanized rigid conduit sleeve shall be installed under all roadways, driveways and sidewalks in excess of four feet in width.
      (10)   All cable lighting structures and appurtenances shall be located within a public right-of-way or easement. The design of the system will be coordinated with the electrical energy supply.
      (11)   All connections to secondary service locations of the supplier of electrical energy shall be made by the supplier.
      (12)   No street shall be accepted for dedication before the street lighting system has been completely installed, tested and is ready for use.
      (13)   All street lighting design shall be approved by the supplier of electric energy. Two drawings for the street lighting layout shall be presented to the supplier of electric energy for record purposes.
(Ord. C27-82. Passed 5-3-82.)
      (14)   The developer shall be required to pay a street lighting maintenance/replacement fee to be deposited in the Street Lighting Maintenance Fund.  The fee shall be required for all new publicly dedicated streets.  The fee shall be equal to the actual cost of a complete street lighting unit specified for the development at the rate of one unit for every twelve street lighting units installed.  The street light maintenance/replacement fee shall be paid prior to the start of any construction of the public improvements.  The Service Director, or his designee, will cause to be maintained or replaced from said fund, all street lighting on publicly dedicated streets within the development.
(Ord. C43-03.  Passed 7-7-03; Ord. 87-07. Passed 11-5-07.)
   (b)   Yard Lights. (EDITOR'S NOTE: This subsection (b) was repealed by Ordinance C18-87, passed April 6, 1987.)
   (c)   Completion Bond Required. If conditions are such that street lights cannot be installed prior to the acceptance of streets upon which street lights are to be installed as required in subsection (a) hereof, the person(s), firm or corporation requesting acceptance of such streets shall deposit with the City Finance Director, an amount of cash or collectable funds, or a performance bond in form satisfactory to the City Attorney, equal to one and one-half times the estimated cost of the installation of streets lights as security for the installation of such lights, which shall be completed within six months of the date of deposit of such funds or bonds.
   Failure on the part of such person(s), firm or corporation to complete the installation within six months shall be cause for the Director of Public Service to order installation by such other contractor as he may choose and cause the cost of installation to be paid from the funds or bonds so deposited. That portion of such funds not used for the installation shall be returned to the depositor.
(Ord. C9-89. Passed 2-6-89.)
   (d)   Mailboxes. All design and location shall be approved by the Planning Commission and shall be the responsibility of the developer.
(Ord. C50-89. Passed 7-17-89.)
   (e)   Fire Hydrants. A developer shall be required to provide the city with a minimum of one extra fire hydrant for every twelve fire hydrants installed for any project.
(Ord. C43-03.  Passed 7-7-03.)