All powers of the City not specifically vested in other offices by this Charter shall be vested in the Council, which shall determine all questions of general policy, by the enactment of ordinances or the adoption of resolutions, as herein provided. Among other powers the Council shall have authority to:
   (1)   Establish administrative departments, agencies, boards and commissions and define their duties and powers;
   (2)   Adopt the Municipal tax budget and the annual appropriation ordinance;
   (3)   Inquire into the conduct of any Municipal officer or employee in his performance of his public duties;
   (4)   Make investigations of any office, department or agency of the City government.
   (5)   Regulate and restrict the use of privately owned real estate in the interests of health, safety, morals, welfare and conveniences of the people by establishing zones, and limiting land use and building height and area.
   (6)   Adopt and approve plats of subdivisions within the corporate limits.
   (7)   Adopt and modify the official map of the City.
   (8)   Create a housing authority and provide for safe and sanitary housing for families of low income.
   (9)   Authorize the rehabilitation of blighted areas, in cooperation with Federal agencies, on recommendation of and according to plans prepared by the City Planning Commission.
   (10)   Enact ordinances establishing police, sanitary and other regulations contemplated by Article XVIII, Section 3 of the Ohio State Constitution.
   (11)   Employ a Certified Public Accountant to make an audit of the financial affairs of the City whenever such an audit is deemed necessary; provided, however, that such an annual audit shall be made within two months after the close of each fiscal year in which an audit has not been made under the authority of the Auditor of State.
   (12)   Authorize the levy of taxes and the issuance of bonds, as provided in this Charter.