The owner of any land who desires to develop shall provide and pay the entire cost of improvements to such land as follows:
   (a)   Streets and parking areas, graded full width and paved, including drainage structures, bridges, sidewalks, curbing and other improvements as shown on the Standard Drawings;
   (b)   Sanitary sewers, including manholes, services and all appurtenances;
   (c)   Water distribution system including mains, services, valves, fire hydrants and all appurtenances;
   (d)   Storm sewers, including manholes, inlets and all the appurtenances;
   (e)   Monuments and stakes;
   (f)   Street signs designating the name of each street at each intersection within the development. Street signs shall conform to the standard established by the City;
(Ord.C 60-73. Passed 8-6-73.)
   (g)   Street lighting including poles, underground conduits and appurtenances;
(Ord. C66-74. Passed 10-21-74.)
   (h)   All other improvements shown on the plans as approved by the City.
(Ord. C60-73. Passed 8-6-73.)
   (i)   No aboveground utilities shall be permitted in any zoning district regardless of location. All service, utility and fire hydrants shall be approved by the City Engineer, Director of Public Service and appropriate Township Fire Officials, and shall comply with the City's Standard Construction Drawings.
   (j)   If, in the opinion of the owner of any subdivision, or a portion thereof, or any interested utility company, the installation of underground facilities is economically or physically infeasible, such owner or utility company shall apply to the Planning Commission for exemption of the subdivision or portion thereof from the requirements of this section when submitting both preliminary and final application forms as provided by the City. Such exemption request shall include the reasons therefor, and submittal therewith of appropriate exhibits, documents and data as may be necessary to substantiate the request. The Planning Commission shall review the request as part approval and/or denial of the preliminary or final plan.
(Ord. C10-89. Passed 2-6-89.)
   (k)   Mailboxes as approved by the Planning Commission for each parcel or lot.
(Ord. C50-89. Passed 7-17-89.)