(a)   No lot located within the corporate limits of the City, regardless of when or how created, shall be reduced in dimensions or area without the approval of the Planning Commission. The resulting lot dimensions, area, and yard dimensions, if a building exists on the lot, shall be equal to or greater than those required by this Zoning Code.
   (b)   In order to be heard by the Planning Commission, a fee of $50, payable to the City for deposit in the General Fund, shall accompany the application or petition.  This fee is for the purpose of defraying the costs of plan review, legal, legislation, notices, official publications required by the City and any other incurred costs and shall not be refundable even if the application is disapproved by the Planning Commission or Council.
(Ord. C9-82. Passed 3-15-82; Ord. C49-01.  Passed 8-6-01.)