1101.051   MONUMENTS.
   Monuments shall be placed at each change of direction of a subdivision, dedication or development boundary at the point of intersection of the centerlines of all streets, at the beginning and end of each street centerline curve and at the center of each cul-de-sac. Monuments in the street centerlines shall be placed upon the completion of paving. Monuments outside of the street pavement shall be placed or verified upon the completion of work in the immediate area of the monuments' location. Monuments on the street centerline shall be railroad spikes not less than six inches long or three-quarters inch by thirty inch solid iron bars with the exact point marked with a center punch or “X”. The tops of monuments on the street centerline shall be set at least one-quarter inch below the pavement surface. Monuments outside the paved area shall be three-quarter inch by thirty inch iron pipe.
(Ord. C68-77. Passed 9-19-77.)